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   Clouds Over El Capitan








   Redwood Fog_01

   Oak and Vineyards

   Morning Light_01


There is so much beauty all around us waiting to be explored and the camera is one of the tools I use to capture that decisive moment in time when nature reveals herself. Taking photographs allows me to stop time. It lets me see those things I would otherwise miss. The process of photography makes me slow down and pay attention to the details.

A photograph is only half done when the shutter is released. The elements of design and composition, color and texture are all considerations to be weighed as I look through the viewfinder. The quality of light as it falls on a tree or the shape of a shadow all matter in the feel of a scene. In the digital darkroom I try to make these elements shine. This is the second half of my process. I make decisions about cropping, about what needs to be emphasized or de-emphasized, and colors are assessed or modified to create a mood or describe a scene or a detail more clearly.

I’ve done my job as an artist if you look at my work and feel that sense of wonder I experienced while taking the shot.

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